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7 Things to Remember Before Your First Gyno Visit

7 Things to Remember Before Your First Gyno Visit

If you are a woman then vagina care must be included in your healthcare list, you soon need to plan for a visit to the Gynecologist in Meerut. The vagina is the mandatory part of your body to maintain your health. But, every one of us is scared of visiting gyno for the first time. The thought of letting a stranger examining your vagina and discussing sensitive health issues with them can make you skip the appointment.

Gynecologist in Meerut State some points on your first visit to Gyno

But you know what? Seeing a gynecologist does not have to be uncomfortable or intimidating; though, it can be empowering. In this blog, you will exactly understand what you can anticipate on your first gynecologist visit. The information is passed on by top 10 gynecologists in Meerut which will prepare you to stay cool at the time of uneasiness and how to get confident about the reproductive and your sexual health.

1.Know the reason behind setting up the appointment

The gynecologist in Meerut suggests girls to have their first gyno appointment between the age of 13 and 15, accompanied by a yearly wellness visit. You might need to share or discuss the specific things with your doctor like birth control options, sexually transmitted infection tests and period issues.

It’s a smart move to first understand the reason behind your first visit to the gyno, it will make you more confident for the visit. In that way, you’ll be able to make your mind and can be your own advocate in the meantime. For a new patient gynecologist usually take out time of 20 to 30mins. If you are well prepared to answer all the questions of your gyno than you can maximize your time according to that, plus pre-preparation can save you from getting low or nervous while answering.

2. At the age of 21, you don’t need to do a pelvic test

A gyno will proceed with the normal tests on your first visit which includes a general physical examination to check your blood pressure, height and weight before checking you out.

On your first visit only your doctor will not conduct a pelvic exam to check your reproductive organ. But there are some exceptional cases like if you are sexually active or want STI testing or have other health issues such as intolerable painful periods or abnormal bleeding.

However, a pelvic exam accompanied with a Pap test is recommended, if you are 21 or more. During the process of Pap test, the gynaecologist will clean your cervix, lower part of your uterus that connects your vagina, to get the sample of cervical cells for checking abnormalities that could be the reason of cervical cancer. 

Breast examination can also be performed by your gyno, however, young women do not face breast problems, this way your doctor gives you a chance of understanding the changes in your breast and identify the problems.

3. Still, you should be knowing what happens in the pelvic exam

According to the top 10 gynecologist in Meerut, the pelvic exam consists of three parts. The first step is an external genital examination to see at your vulva that includes everything you see outside of your body, like your clitoris, the opening of your vagina and labia. If you want to look up down there, you can ask your doctor to give you a mirror to see, don’t feel shy! A visit to the gyno is a perfect moment to know about the name, purpose and location of all the parts in your vulva.

Your gyno will also perform a cervical and vaginal exam with a speculum, a device they’ll inject into your vagina and expand it to get a better view of your cervix and vaginal walls. At the time of speculum injection in the vagina, a flat scraping tool or soft brush is used by the doctor to take the sample for your pap test and STIs testing.

Many people are uncomfortable with the Speculums, this part can be a bit weird. This comes in different sizes, if you experience pain or are not comfortable with the use of that, you can directly say this to your doctor. The best part of using the speculum is it stays in the vagina only for a minute to make the doctor examine your vagina.

4. You can get control birth without the pelvic exam

Not all doctors need to conduct a pelvic examination to tell you about your birth control, some can inform you about it by examining your body history and reports. If you are eager to know about the birth control options, then the doctor will first see your preferences and behaviour and then provide you with the solution. 

5. Don’t worry about your looks

You might feel bad or exposed at the time of examination, you might not be feeling comfortable but remember that your doctor is not judging you and your body, whether it can be a length of your labia or your pubic hairs. Their main aim is to evaluate you medically. “We really don’t care, we have already seen this all, it’s our work, we hardly notice anything”, says top 10 gynecologist in Meerut. If you get a chance before the appointment you can shower and rinse your labia. If you are unable to do this, it is not a big deal, it will not create a big difference.

Don’t worry about your periods, if you are having your appointment with your doctor you can visit her with no doubts, it will not create any problem. Though a visit to a doctor for pap test or STI testing can create a difference in the results, so before visiting the doctors’ clinic ask them that if they can postpone the appointment.

6. Talk about your periods and sex life casually, Don’t be afraid!

You need to make a track of your periods’ date, a month before the visit to the gyno, you need to first know about your months 1st date of the period. While having a conversation with the doctor don’t forget to mention any cramps, pain, irregularity, mood changes or heavy bleeding you experience with your period. Your doctor can help you in birth control after knowing your periods’ symptoms or even see for signs of issues like endometriosis, a problem that results in heavy periods, trouble getting pregnant and pain.

Your gyno will even ask, how much sexually active you are. Don’t feel shy and afraid to open in front of your doctor, she won’t be judging you, her everything related to your sexual life. It’s their job to help you out, you need to be truthful as the STI screening will be dependent on that. Always keep in mind that your anal sex and oral sex both the histories are counted here as both can be the reason behind STI’s. If you are worried about your period getting missed for the last month and also worrying about getting pregnant, don’t be shy of asking your doctor to conduct a pregnancy test.

7.Learn about your family and personal history

The gyno will ask you about your medical history, your past prescription, medication, past surgeries or any past infections in your body, tell them everything. Remembering all the stuff can be quite difficult especially when you are nervous, it’s better to write everything in a paper beforehand only to save yours and your gyno time.

A visit to Gynecologist in Meerut is important and each woman after reaching to her teenage stage need to plan a regular visit to a gyno. Your health is in your hand, no one will treat you for your personal hygiene. Take the step and flaunt as a happy kid in your life. 

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