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Best IVF Doctor in Delhi

The Gunjan IVF World –is the finest fertility clinic in Noida delivering millions of smiles with the infertility treatment, surrogacy, and test-tube baby treatment at the minimum possible cost. Advancement in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) has led to assisted reproductive expertise giving decent success levels which have stemmed into a greater extent of infertile couples espousing this as a method of treatment.

Accommodating some of the best IVF Doctor in Delhi, we proffer a comprehensive range of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) amenities with the international standard IVF treatment at the minimum price. India is turning out to be the most preferred destinations of many couples because- 

  1. Best IVF treatment 
  2. Higher success rates (compared globally)
  3. The cheapest IVF cost in Delhi. 

The lab-quality panels are strict thus fetching forth many international patients for test tube baby treatment in India. From the number of a fertility clinic in Noida or test tube baby centres in Delhi, Gunjan IVF World stands spaced out because of the international criteria monitored, the decent success rates, structured practices, and customized infertility treatment.

Important Facts to know if you’re considering IVF Treatment

When is IVF treatment needed?

IVF treatment is required where normal baby conception is challenging like

  1. Bilateral tubal obstacle
  2. Extremely low egg reserve
  3. Extremely low sperm count, motility of sperm or poor sperm morphology
  4. Failed Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) more than four times
  5. A severe kind of endometriosis ( level 1 & 2)
  6. Pre-mature menopause – In this case, donor egg will be taken
  7. Azoospermia (Absent sperms) where sperm is recuperated from the testis and vaccinated in the egg (ICSI)
  8. The damaged or absent uterus which cannot hold a baby, or exceptionally poor/ ill-health – IVF with surrogacy
  9. The hereditary ailment in one partner– embryo has to be examined for the hereditary disease beforehand it is placed in the uterus

How much time does it take for IVF treatment – from beginning till the end?

IVF treatment takes approximately 15 to 20 days. The process of IVF begins on day 2 of the menstrual cycle with day-to-day vaccinations to nurture eggs which turn out to be mature by the 10th day of the menstrual cycle. The egg collection is done on the 12th day of the menstrual cycle and fertilized with sperm in the clinical lab. The resultant embryo is placed in the uterus after 3 to 5 days.

Are there any limitations while enduring IVF treatment?

Intake of drugs, smoke and alcohol is seriously prohibited during this treatment. Tobacco is identified as a harmful thing. All couples should discontinue these for at least three months earlier to IVF treatment. Extreme exercise (aerobics) is not suggested but consistent yoga or light exercise is worthy. Evade drugs which may hinder the uterine covering such as common pain killers. All medicine being occupied for any illness must be cross-checked by an IVF doctor. Even the intake of Herbal supplements should also be discontinued. One should evade strain and enjoy have a good diet with a stress-free smile.

What are the probabilities of getting pregnant with the IVF treatment?

The probabilities of getting pregnant are nearly 50% to 55% if everything goes well i.e. a worthy sperm, superior quality of the egg, convincible growth of the embryo, and a good lining of the uterus wall. Live birth rates are inferior. On the other hand, this success rate decreases if the egg reserve is inferior as this may happen in older women, or if sperm morphology and quality of sperm is poor. It may also be lesser in circumstances of endometriosis where the quality of the egg is diminished or in cases where uterus lining is skinny. The aggregate success rates i.e. the success rates in excess of one cycle are greater up to 70% to 80% and couples must recognize the dissimilarity in success rate per embryo transfer and aggregate success rates.

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Delhi, India?

Normal IVF course of treatment costs approximately 1,30,000 – 1,50,000 INR dependent on how many vaccinations the patient requires. The cost of IVF treatment in Delhi, India would swell up in situations of exceptional measures such as- laser hatching, freezing, specific sperm selection, PGD, etc.

Are the injections given during IVF treatment painful?

IVF vaccinations are just like any other injection. Maximum of them are intravenous and can be self-administered similar to insulin doses. The needle is thin and they are less aching. On the other hand, the uneasiness of day-to-day vaccinations is logical. They should be directed by a knowledgeable individual to evade discomfort.

Decisions to make afore undergoing the IVF treatment

Patient aspects like- age, fertility analysis and family medicinal history will aid women and men agree if the probabilities are good enough to attempt IVF. If probabilities are less, it may be suitable to ponder the usage of donor sperm or egg. Fertility clinic can support you and refer other sources to acquire these.

Other verdicts comprise:

  • deliberation of pre-treatment hereditary testing of women and men
  • PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) of the embryo
  • form of the treatment cycle, amount of embryos to transmit
  • amount of embryos to freeze

In how much time can an out of town patients’ travel back to home after IVF treatment?

The patient can travel the very next day. Just evade frantic road trips whereas travelling by train or air is advisable. It is counselled to take a lot of liquid as desiccation should be evaded. Continued sitting is not destructive. Bed rest is not mandatory for the IVF patient.

Will IVF treatment considerably upsurge the probabilities of having twin babies?

Typically three embryos on 3rd day or two embryos on 5th day are transmitted. This bounces the ideal pregnancy rate. A lesser amount of embryos being transmitted may provide a poorer pregnancy rate per embryo transfer but not per cycle. Probabilities of twin babies are 18% to 20%. If the patient desires to evade twin babies, a sole embryo transmission is suggested.

Babies born through IVF treatments are healthy?

Yes, babies born through IVF treatment are like any other children. Numerous couples’ sense that since IVF is an artificial procedure baby may not be normal. On the other hand, it is to be comprehended that even though fertilization is done outside the body, once the embryo is transmitted in the uterus and confirms a pregnancy it is a normal pregnancy like any other. Babies born through IVF are as normal as other babies bodily, intellectually and hereditarily.

Determining whether to undergo IVF/ fertility treatment and if so, which ones, can be puzzling and intricate. But determining to spend your time and money in attempting to have a baby solely proffers no grander incentive.

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