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Egg & Sperm Donor Program

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Couples who undergo surrogacy come from diverse backgrounds and have different requirements. For several, this consists of the requirement for a donor- egg or sperm donor. Lots of hopeful parents are capable to utilize their individual eggs and sperm to produce the embryos that will be transplanted into the intended mother’s uterus. On the other hand, there are several causes why a family has to take the assistance of a sperm or egg donor in their surrogacy.

What is Egg Donation?

In the process of egg donation, borrowed eggs of a young female (less than 33 years of age) are known as the donor, with her agreement. These eggs are later on fertilized with the sperms of the intended father of the recipient lady and the resulting embryo (the initial term for a baby), is transplanted into the uterus of the intended mother. The rate of success of this process in the county is above 45%. In actual fact, several females until the age of 50-55 have conceived and delivered a healthy baby with this procedure. At Gunjan IVF World the oldest females who have become pregnant with this procedure was of 53 years of age. 

How are the Donors screened?

In general, borrowed eggs are from a healthy female who is less than 30-35 years of age and who is not suffering from any kind of infection, disease or hereditary syndromes. These young females are anonymous and are known as donors. These donors are screened on various parameters and are particularly screened for Hepatitis & HIV+. Their family past is also taken into account, to find out any hereditary issues. The egg donor can be married or unmarried. On the other hand, donors who are married and have healthy children are always considered the best choice, mainly for the reason that they have proven their ability to conceive. To make this process of selecting the sperm or egg donor, Donor banks are approached for the best quality donor egg or sperm.

How is the procedure done?

Our experienced staff coordinates with the donor banks and gets the required egg or sperm depending on the intended mother’s blood group and various other parameters. In case the intended mother is the egg donor, she is given medications and injections to boost the quality of eggs. When these eggs are ready for extraction, a short dose of anesthesia is given to the donor and the eggs are extracted from inside the vagina without any abdominal cut. The intended mother donor can go back home three-four hours’ after the process. The eggs are then fertilized with the intended father’s sperms in the lab, either by ICSI or IVF and retained in the incubator for about two days. 

In case the intended father’s sperm is of low quality; the eggs can be impregnated by the method of ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) or by donor sperm. After approximately 10-15 days, an embryo is formed. This small baby (embryo) is then transplanted to the intended mother’s womb for further development. 

Why Choose Gunjan IVF World

The joy of enjoying parenting can be one packed with challenges, optimism and, eventually, infinite happiness. Our aim at Gunjan IVF World is to escort you on your parenting journey with best in class medicinal treatment, care and concern. Individual connections are inborn in entirety what we do at Gunjan IVF World. From the very initial instant of your visit, we try to confirm that every communication you have with our enthusiastic doctors and team is full of optimism and faith.  We are privileged to join you on your way to parenting.

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