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IVF(Test Tube Baby)

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What is IVF (test-tube baby) and its Process?

In vitro fertilization, also recognized as IVF is an ART (assisted reproductive technology) in which conception of the baby happens in the laboratory other than an inside human body. From the time when the world’s first IVF baby was delivered in the year 1978, IVF has given faith to thousands of childless couples who could not conceive a baby in any other method. The precise sense of the catchphrase in-vitro is “within the glass.” It is a Latin word, which more commonly denotes to something happening in a research laboratory site. This is the contrary of in-vivo, which implies inside the body or accurately, “inside the living being”.

Nowadays, IVF is a normal—even though expensive—fertility cures. Not more than 5% of fertility patients necessitate IVF. A projected 6.5 billion IVF conceived baby(s) have been delivered all over the globe. These well-known “test-tube babies” are as normal & healthy as normally conceived offspring. But it was not that times of yore that IVF was a technology, extremely debatable, and even illegitimate.

Brief explanation of what happens during IVF:

The female intakes the fertility medicines which in-turn stimulate the growth of additional eggs or oocytes in the female ovaries. This process is repeated for a number of days. Then, the matured eggs are taken out from the ovaries (either from the anticipated mother or from an egg donor.) This is followed by an ultrasound directed needle.

In the research laboratory, the recovered eggs are united with the sperm (from either the anticipated father or from a sperm donor.) The egg and sperm are placed together in a petri dish, where confidently a sperm cell will inseminate an egg cell. An impregnated human egg cell is later in this stage is termed as an embryo. The resultant embryo then matures for some more days in the laboratory dish. This is completed under very prudently measured environments.

Succeeding, one or more of the hale and hearty embryos are transmitted to the anticipated mother’s or a surrogate mother’s uterus. Any additional embryos are frozen for impending successions. Optimistically, the pregnancy test will be positive. IVF success rates are decent, but pregnancy is under no circumstances is guaranteed.

Why choose Gunjan IVF World?

You need your preferred fertility/ IVF clinic to be comfy – a habitation where you have faith in the care that you obtain and where you have confidence of getting best promising chance of success pregnancy. Our mission is to proffer the premier standard of fertility upkeep to all of our patients. In other words, the clinic does not reject poor health diagnosis patients or high-risk patients. We proffer personalized, advanced, avant-garde treatment alternatives to patients while continuing dedicated to giving these technologically advanced treatments at the most reasonable prices potential. This viewpoint makes certain treatment accessibility to the broadest group of patients.

At The Gunjan IVF World, our fertility clinic is supervised by individuals who have a great passion for their job, together with globally celebrated doctors with broad proficiency. Our success rates are outstanding, despite the fact that on a practical level, our fertility clinic set-up is spread all across Delhi/NCR.

Here we’ve listed some more information on the benefits you can expect from a Fertility Partnership clinic. We hope it helps you make what we know is an important choice.

Fertility Treatment Page

Holistic Treatment, Because We Care!

Parenting is nature’s utmost amazing fact. That’s the reason why we at Gunjan IVF World comprehend your keenness to grow into one. Fertility treatments have a tendency to be traumatic – mentally, emotionally, communally and monetarily.  To cater to this, we proffer a holistic methodology and attempt to create your passage in the direction of parenthood simple, stress-free and safe!

Our aim is similar to what’s yours. To make you delighted, content parents and our inspiring success rate is an added bolster for every single couple in necessity.

What is infertility?

Infertility can be defined as the failure to attain a pregnancy even after twelve months or an additional time period of consistent un-protected sexual contact. Infertility is even more common than many individuals fancy and can disturb both male and female. Large populace readings indicate that in a group of 6 couples 1 couple is distressed at some point of time in their reproductive span with the problem of infertility. Gratefully, most reasons of infertility are curable with the fertility treatment.

Risk factors affecting fertility

Fertility difficulties can disturb both males and females and there are numerous possibilities that can root infertility. There are several fundamental risk factors which do disturb fertility in both male and female:

  1. Age – Men and women fertility to a reduced level does drop with age. This is mainly so for females whose fertility commences to drop after the age of 35 years.
  2. Weight – being weighty or fatty diminishes your fertility level. We advise a BMI of underneath 30 to provide you an ideal chance of success.  We yet treat females with a BMI upto 35.
  3. Smoking – can disturb your chances of getting pregnant in females and decrease semen quality in males. We suggest patients of infertility to given up smoking for a minimum span of 3 months before making an attempt to conceive.
  4. Alcohol – the harmless lifestyle for females is not to prefer alcohol or any hard drinks if scheduling to get pregnant and for males’ excessive alcohol can disturb sperm quality. Once expecting females should evade consumption of alcohol completely.
  5. Stress – in several circumstances stress can disturb ovulation and sperm making. In less significant case a loss of sex drive can also be the outcome. We do conversely comprehend that infertility and undertaking fertility treatment can be a traumatic time span.  Our regular support and advocating is obtainable for all our patients.

Infertility in women

Infertility reasons in females can be owing to a varied variety of difficulties. Some common reasons of infertility comprise:

  • parental age
  • absence of consistent ovulation, the regular discharge of an egg
  • injured or congested fallopian tubes
  • endometriosis – where tissue that performs like the liner of the womb (the endometrium) is discovered on the exterior side of the womb

Even though several populace link infertility treatments with in-vitro fertilization we at Gunjan IVF World delivers a complete collection of amenities, from simple analysis and endorsements to high-tech reproductive technologies. In our understanding, maximum patients can be successfully treated with simpler ways than in-vitro fertilization. On the other hand, should you necessitate in-vitro fertilization, our platform is one of the biggest in the nation, and is armed with some of the most cutting-edge technologies obtainable. Patients are analyzed in compassionate environs, where the main importance is sited not only on scientific superiority, but also on convenience, personal care, and emotional backing. Our extremely skilled squad of experts will deliver collaborative attention at our clinics across Delhi/NCR.

Meet Our Team

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